A Personal Rant

I am getting more and more annoyed with the Tea Party movement in the United States. Not because these people are voicing dissent  – dissent is healthy in a democratic society. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution  guarantees among other things the freedom of speech, the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

What annoys me? Below is a list of the major things that I feel demonstrate the lack of civility in the movement and their assertions of things that are either irrational or simply not true.

–  Displaying racially offensive, obscene and threatening  signs at public demonstrations.

– Disrupting town hall meetings held by elected officials, shouting vile insults and threats of violence and otherwise refusing to permit any form of civil discourse.

– Portraying anyone who does not share their views as “un-American”.

– Carrying loaded weapons to public demonstrations accompanied by signs threatening to use them.

– The contention that somehow “their America” is being taken from them and they want it back especially galls me. Know what? They can’t have it back! Things change – we have to accept reality and adapt – change is a part of life. There have been major changes in America over the past 50 years, especially in the ethnic and racial makeup of our population, and in the passing of landmark legislation expanding the rights of many of our citizens. There have also been dramatic changes in technology and communication and lifestyle. Our nation’s role in world affairs has been radically altered.  Some change has not been so great, but overall who can deny that this is not a better country today, for all of us – not just the few?  There is no way we either could or should turn back the clock to what some people consider  “the good old days

– Their suggestion that the current executive and the Congress are illegitimate and acting against the will of the people is, in my view, absolutely ludicrous. In 2008 the people of the United States elected Barack Obama as President over John McCain by a popular vote of 69,498,516 to 59,948,323 and by an Electoral Vote of 365 to 173. The people also elected a Congress with huge Democratic Party majorities in both houses. It was a free and open election. The candidates of both parties presented their political agendas should they be elected. Somehow, I find it hard to accept the argument that  this governing party in attempting to accomplish its legislative and policy objectives is somehow doing so against the will of the people.

– I am terribly disappointed by the actions of some elected officials who not only encourage the methods employed by this movement but also espouse the same sentiments.

In summary, I don’t think the Tea Party movement is enhancing political dialog in America. Indeed, I believe it has created a negative atmosphere which is diverting attention from real issues.

Well, I’ve had my say. I feel much better now!

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