I live on a Lake

Actually it’s more like a pond. It is close to rectangular, approximately 320 yards  by 270 yards. But saying you live on a lake is much more impressive than on a pond. Therefore, I live on a lake!

The lake is well stocked with fish, but I rarely see any of my neighbors fishing. I don’t either. I prefer to get my fish from cans or the frozen food section at the supermarket. Although I see canoes, rowboats and paddle-boats in the yards of  most of the 63 other houses that surround the lake, I rarely see one in the water.

It is wildlife that enjoys the lake, mainly birds: egrets, ibises, geese, vultures, all varieties of ducks, as well as some that I can’t identify. There is one fascinating all black bird with a long skinny neck which swims so low in the water that only its neck and head show, sort of like a miniature Loch Ness Monster. It dives for fish, often surfacing ten or twenty yards away. There are also frogs and iguanas. So far, no ‘gators. My house is about 13 miles from the Everglades and all the little lakes and canals are connected, so it is a possibility – not likely, but possible.

Last year I had my shoreline restored to fix erosion caused by Hurricane Wilma in 2005 which was getting progressively worse. The many turtles in the lake were quite pleased with the work. My back yard suddenly became the easiest one on the lake to climb up onto. At any point during the day I have between five and twelve turtles sunning themselves near the shore. Some of them are quite large, their shells a foot in diameter or more.

I have no problem with them resting in my yard. I’m an amateur photographer, and I would love to get some shots of them. Unfortunately, they won’t let me. The moment I open the sliding glass door to my patio they hit the water. I’ve tried going out the front door and sneaking around to the back, but the instant I reach the back corner of the house they take off. As a last resort I mounted my camera on a tripod and took photos of them from inside  through the glass door. Sadly, the patio is screened, so I can’t get a clear photo. This is the best I’ve been able to get. Grrrrr….. The least they could do is let me take their photo, in appreciation for me letting them use my yard!

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