About Me

Some things about me that make me me:

  • Even though I live alone I can’t go to bed at night unless my bedroom door is closed. However, if  I waken in the middle of the night I get up and open the door. Explain that!
  • Unless I am ill I wouldn’t dream of going to bed before midnight.
  • I have a clock radio that turns on to a radio station at 6:30 AM, but I almost always waken around 6:27 and wait for the radio. However, going on and off Daylight Saving Time upsets my internal clock. It takes me about two weeks to reset myself to the current 6:27.
  • I don’t drink anything that has bubbles. Well, that’s not entirely true. I occasionally do, but I don’t like to. The bubbles fill me up and make me feel bloated. It would be impossible for me to get drunk on beer – one glass and I feel like I couldn’t eat or drink a thing for a week.
  • I will not watch any TV series that has a continuing story line. After having a few series that I enjoyed canceled at the end of the season, leaving a cliff-hanger final episode and many conflicts and mysteries unresolved, I’ve had it.
  • Although I like fresh vegetables cooked, I prefer the taste of canned. When I was a child fresh vegetables were generally only available in season, or if shipped in were very expensive. My mother mainly served canned veggies. I guess that imprinted me – canned = normal, fresh = strange or exotic.
  • Chasing promotions, I moved interstate nine times. It’s a real hassle. I don’t recommend it.
  • On my final (I hope) move to Florida I gave my lawn mower to my brother-in-law. I didn’t want to be tempted ever again. I enjoy looking at a nice lawn, but not the effort to make it so. I employ a lawn service to mow, fertilize and apply weed killer. It’s well worth the cost!
  • I never leave my house without a camera. I love to take photos and almost everything interests me as a subject. What I would most like to do, however, is  photograph people – but I rarely do. First, I fear an adverse reaction should people notice me photographing them. Secondly, I am reluctant to ask anyone because I fear rejection. I’m not sure how to react to that.
  • During my career I wore a suit every workday. I even felt uncomfortable in casual clothes outside of the office. Since retiring, though,  I have worn a suit only at weddings, funerals and an annual dinner with former work colleagues at Xmas time.  Some years the Xmas-time dinner was the only time.
  • Although I had many close acquaintances during my college years I never saw any one of them after graduation day. Even though I did move around the country a lot, I think this is rather strange.


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4 responses to “About Me

  1. Interesting facts. 🙂

    As for bubbles in beverages, does that also include mineral water?

    Hey, I totally don’t understand your attitude towards lawn mowing – it’s soo much fun! 😀 Perhaps, if you had one of those big lawn mowers to sit on, I’d mow yours for free. 😛

  2. I try to avoid all beverages that are effervescent no matter how good they may taste. There are some mineral waters that do not have natural effervescence or have not been infused with gasses – those I will drink.

    OK,I’ll agree that mowing the lawn can be fun, especially being able to see physical evidence of your progress as you go along; and the smell of fresh mowed grass is wonderful. BUT golly gee whiz, a week later you gotta do it again! Plus it is not so much fun at 95 degrees F (35 C). I happen to be a big-time perspirer, and after 20 minutes outdoor work at that temperature I look like I have jumped into the lake with my clothes on!

  3. Thanks for your explanation about the beverages (and for teaching me the word “effervescent” :D).

    As for toilsome lawn mowing, just put your t shirt off! 😀

  4. PS: I will reply to your e-mail soon! 🙂

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