I like it now!

Some songs just grab you the first time you hear them. Maybe it’s the lyrics, or the melody or both, but you instantly feel that it’s special. Sometimes a song becomes special because of it’s association with a special person, or a time of you life, or an event.

The converse is also true. Sometime a  song just turns you off. Often you don’t have a reason – you just don’t like it. When you hear it played on the radio or TV you change the station or channel. The song entitled “Unchained Melody” was one of those for me. It was a very big hit in the early 1960’s, and has been revived periodically since. I hated it. I couldn’t see how the title related to the lyrics. Plus I thought the lyrics were sappy and I didn’t feel they fit the melody.

Recently, after these many years, I found out the reason for the title. It had originally been the theme song of a movie made in the mid 1950’s entitled “Unchained”. It didn’t make me like the song any more, but at least “Unchained Melody” made a little sense.

Also recently, I found a video on You Tube which had the song in background sung as a duet  in Italian. The video was a slide show of photos taken in a cemetery in my home town of Rochester, New York. The cemetery is a huge one, established in 1836,  adjacent to the campus of my alma mater, the University of Rochester. It holds over 300,000 souls, one of which my younger brother. It is absolutely beautiful – if a cemetery can be considered such.

Because I can’t understand Italian I was no longer hung up by the sappy lyrics. I LIKE IT NOW! I REALLY DO! Give it a listen. You might also.


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  1. naturgesetz

    I understand Italian well enough to have caught just about all of it, and the lyrics are a bit better.

    More importantly, it’s nice that you are able to appreciate it simply as music.

    I always found it powerful, even though I didn’t really like the lyrics.

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