Heat Lightning

I took this video of silent heat lightning from the front of my house Wednesday night (May 5th). It was kind of eerie.



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3 responses to “Heat Lightning

  1. Wow, that looks really exciting!
    Do you have that kind of heat lightnings often in Florida?

  2. I’ve read that what we call heat lightning is fairly common everywhere. It’s called heat lightning because we see it more in summer when it is hot.

    Scientists say there is no such thing, that it is just lightning that is occurring so far away that the sound waves have dissipated. It makes sense to me when I think of the sudden glow that appears to be from behind the clouds in the video. But, what about the occasional lightning bolts that show up? They appear to be close by, within the clouds, not behind them.

    Anyway, real or not, it is a beautiful and strange phenomenon.

  3. Alright, it also makes sense to me that they are in fact not soundless. When the energy rapidly discharges through the lightning, there must be a sound after all, just like in a normal thunderstorm.

    I wish we had more hot summer days here! 😀
    But then I’d also make sure our house has a lightning rod. 😛

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