More About Me

A few more things about me:

  • I’ve always kept the interior of my cars looking like the day I bought them. I don’t want anything left on the floor or seats. I am also very good about following recommended maintenance schedules. However, I am not nearly as concerned about the exterior. I rarely wash or wax a car myself – maybe twice or three times a year, although I must admit that sometimes I do get embarrassed about how dirty my car looks, and I will run it through a car wash. I generally leave it to the Lord to keep my cars clean. It’s a good thing I live in Florida because it rains a lot.
  • I have a visceral fear of dogs. I trace it back to when I was four or five – a Great Dane reared up and put his front paws on my shoulders and knocked me on my ass. I’m sure it was just being friendly, but it severely traumatized me. It planted such a dread in my mind that I have never been able to shake. Even little dogs bother me. I do recognize, however, that dogs are beautiful animals. I just prefer not to be around them.
  • I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was a toddler – fairly short and parted on the left. When I was in college I kept it just short enough that it would stand straight up, but still permit a part. I believe that was called the ‘Princeton Cut”. But since then I have let it grow enough to lay down. There have been a few times when I tried something different, but I would always change back within a few days. I just couldn’t adjust to the stranger in the mirror.
  • I’m not a Do-It-Yourself person.  Hardware stores have no attraction for me. I always tell people that my tool kit consists of a credit card and the telephone Yellow Pages – that the only tools I have ever mastered are the pen and pencil. I’m just not all that interested in handyman things. Nevertheless, there have been times that I’ve  actually done something with my hands. I once installed a toilet all by myself! I’ve rewired lamps. I even installed a dimmer switch for the lights over my dining room table, without electrocuting myself; and now and then I’ve done other minor things around the house. Every time, I feel so proud of myself that I’m tempted to call Eyewitness News and ask them to send a camera crew over to document my accomplishment.
  • I love to watch sporting events, both on TV or in person. However, there are a few sports that I avoid. I can’t abide Golf or Soccer. To tell the truth I would rather watch paint dry! Auto Racing doesn’t appeal to me either. If I want to see autos driving fast and recklessly I’ll hop in my car and get on an Interstate Highway. Unless I am at a racetrack with a bet on a horse I have no interest in horses running around.  I also can’t watch any sport just for the appreciation of the skills involved. When I hear a Soccer aficionado extol the virtues and beauty of the great skills demonstrated by such superb athletes I tune him out. If they’re so great why can’t they score a goal occasionally?  Nil – Nil doesn’t do anything for me. To me sports are results oriented. Having a classic baseball swing means nothing if the batter can’t get hits. Likewise a beautiful pitching motion – if a pitcher can’t get people out.  I also have to have a rooting interest in a game or competition. That is usually not a problem for me. I have favorite teams and players. And if I turn on an event in which I have no particular preference I invariably will root for the underdog. For example, if there is a college football game between Texas Tech and Utah State, two schools I don’t care diddly about, I will vigorously root against the favored team. But, if they are considered evenly matched something has to happen in the game early on that causes me to suddenly like or dislike one of the teams, otherwise it is ADIOS for me.

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