School Sign

School Sign, originally uploaded by Ed in South Florida.

This sign, at a nearby elementary school, evidences that we have a multi-lingual neighborhood! Can you guess the language on the bottom?



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3 responses to “School Sign

  1. No, but I definitely want to know what that language is! 😀 It looks like a mixture of a Slawic language and Spanish. 😀

    • It’s Haitian Creole, primarily based on French, with lots of African, and touches of Spanish and English. There is a large Haitian population in South Florida – very heavy in Miami-Dade County, but spreading into southern Broward County where I live. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the language.

  2. Wow, that’s interesting! Now that you say it, I see the French “background” when I speak the Haitian Creole words in my head (for example “Pwopriyete Lekòl” = “propriété école”).

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