On the Beach

Two days ago I went to the beach. I do that at least once a month. I get bored, grab my camera and head for one of the many area beaches. Walking on sand is great exercise. I generally go about two miles, then turn around and return to the starting point.  One direction I’ll walk along the waters’ edge, and the other direction I’ll walk further away from the shore. If I see something interesting I’ll stop and take a few photos. Since I’m reluctant to photograph people unless they’re far away there’s really not an awful lot to photograph – birds and fishing piers are about it. I must have hundreds of photos of sea gulls on my hard drive! I rarely swim at the beach – from spring through fall the water is much too warm to be refreshing, plus there are living creatures in the water . . . Ugh!  I prefer a pool.

This time I went to Haulover Beach in Sunny Isles at the north end of Miami-Dade County. It is a beautiful beach, very wide with soft golden sand. It is famous for having an area designated as clothing optional – a popular spot for European tourists, who are not as prudish and up tight about the human body as are most Americans. Naturally, my walk took me through that area. I took no pictures. It is understood that photos are not to be taken without the permission of the subjects. Frankly, I didn’t see anything I’d want to photograph. In my opinion, if those  people had taken their clothes off at home and examined themselves in the mirror, the clothing optional section would have probably been almost deserted.

Oh, I lied. I did take the following  photo in the clothing optional area:

Honestly!! What did you expect?


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