More About Me

A few more things about me:

  • I have never been in a fight.  This despite the fact that I went to a ‘rough’ high school which was peopled by many hoodlums-in-training whose greatest pleasure was to beat other kids up – thankfully it was usually kids from other schools.  Also despite the fact that I grew up in a family with five boys, where there was frequent conflict.  I actually believed that one of my brothers was put on Earth for the sole purpose of making my life hell. Oddly, he is the brother that I have been closest to throughout our adult lives. But all our sibling disputes, though loud and often rancorous, were non-physical.
  • I am embarrassed that I am not a good speller. I’m OK with most words but I have difficulty with ‘-ible’ and ‘-able’, ‘-ence’ and ‘-ance’, ‘-ize’ and -‘ise’, ‘ent’ and ‘-ant’, ‘-or’ and ‘-er’, ‘-ary’ and ‘-ery’.  I usually use the wrong one – but it always looks correct to me. I often improperly double consonants, or fail to double them, when using the progressive tense of verbs, as in ‘come – – comming’ and ‘write – – writting’, when I know better. It seems that sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own at the keyboard.  I have a mental block with some words, thankfully only a few. For example, I will always write or type ‘feal’ instead of ‘feel’, and know that I’m wrong while I’m in the process of doing it.  Because all my jobs required a great deal of writing, and the review of others’ writing, I always had to have a dictionary nearby.  In my mind, the person who developed ‘spellcheck’  is worthy of sainthood! However, there are two words that I will never misspell. In the 8th grade I had to go to the blackboard and write out ‘convenient’ and ‘Connecticut’ one hundred times each in front of the rest of the class.  I was number one in my class every year and was eventually the Class Valedictorian. That was absolutely humiliating!  Hmmmmm  ……. maybe the teacher should have done that to me more often!
  • I love music.  Hillbilly, Gospel and Rap don’t do much for me, but otherwise I can listen to and enjoy good music of almost any kind.  There is both great and awful popular music in every era.  There are talented and dreadful performers in every era.  So it bothers me when people in my age group put down the music and performers of popular music today, every bit as much as I was offended by the reaction of  my elders to the music of my day.  That being said, I have to admit that I have heard very little of today’s popular music, and that  while I recognize the names of the most popular performers I rarely can relate the names to the faces or sounds or works. This ignorance is not purposeful – I just don’t hear popular music much. There used to be what was called “Top 40” radio stations which constantly cycled through the top selling recordings, and frequently played material just released. There used to be many variety programs on television which featured the latest hits performed live by the recording artists. There is nothing like that today.  Radio stations tend to limit themselves to specific genres or eras.  I know there are music channels on Cable and Satellite, but I am turned off by music videos which divert attention from the performances and often make no sense – at least in connection with the music. I prefer  to see performers performing. I prefer to listen to recordings. But, recently, I have been exposed to some modern stuff on several blogs that I read.  Although I consider some to be totally dreadful, I have been greatly impressed with how good most of it is, and how talented the performers are. I have actually downloaded some  and converted the audio to MP3 files.

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