There are others like me!

Yesterday, the South Florida Sun Sentinel ran the following cartoon:

The cartoonist doesn’t know me.  So it is wonderfully comforting to know that I am not alone.  There are others!  I have gone through the exact process many times.

Here are two examples – there are more, but these are embarrassing enough!

  • The faucet in my master bath leaks when the handle is left set anywhere from medium heat to maximum hot.  I was so excited when I picked out my new faucet at Home Depot.  I mean I was totally Gung Ho!  But when I got home and checked out where the new faucet would have to be installed under the cabinet, I realized how difficult it was going to be to work in such a confined space, especially wielding tools.  That was six months ago.  The new faucet is sitting on a shelf in the garage, still in the box.  I’m careful when I turn off the faucet, making sure it is set between medium and cold.  If it starts to leak all the time I guess I’ll have to call a plumber.  At least I’ll have a nice new faucet for him to install!
  • My house has wallpaper in the kitchen, dining room and the master bedroom.  I don’t like wall paper much.  I especially dislike the wallpaper in my house.  After looking at those walls for 16 years I made the big decision four years ago to get rid of the wallpaper, and paint the walls white. I like white walls – all walls should be white!  Full of enthusiasm I went to the local Home Depot and had a ball picking out the wallpaper liquid stripper, a wallpaper shaver, a wallpaper scoring tool, sand paper and a few new paint rollers. I already had lots of paint and drop cloths. Again, my motivation fell through the floor when I got home and realized what the job was going to entail.  I can’t explain why I don’t consider such things in advance – I ‘m very good at that in other areas.  Well, all the stuff is in the garage unopened waiting for the time I finally decide to hire someone to do the job.

God! When it comes to the Do-It-Yourself projects I am such a loser!  I’m so glad I have other talents!

P.S. – Regarding the Cartoon Title: “Rhymes with Orange”.  “Orange’ is one of only a few words in the English language that have no rhyme.


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