At the Ballpark – Repost

I went to Sun Life Stadium (formerly known as Joe Robbie Stadium, Dolphins’ Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium and Landshark Stadium) yesterday.  The Florida Marlins were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks in a rare afternoon game.  (The Fish versus the Snakes!)  The weather is normally unbearable in the early afternoon hours – high temperature and humidity plus brutal sunshine – and Tuesday was no exception.  I, at least, am wise enough to pay extra to get a seat in the club level, the only seats in the stadium under cover.  I was rather wilted after three and a half hours but thankfully not suffering from 3rd degree burns. Oh, and the Good Guys won 8 to O! And there were over 13,000 of us foolish enough to attend.

I brought my camera with me but paid more attention to the game than taking photos. Here are a few of the shots I took.

There was a strong breeze up high which kept the pennants aflutter.

Balloon Dog outside the stadium hyping a radio station.

Miami Mermaids entertaining fans before the game.

Exchanging lineups.

Marlins’ pitcher Josh Johnson winding up.

This pitch was going to be shortly zooming over the left field fence.

Top of 9th – Good Guys will win!

Chewbacca is a Marlins fan!
Here are comments that were accidentally deleted from the original post:
From: Naturgesetz:

Nice photos.

Too bad there are so many empty seats.

In the good old days, lots of guys would take their shirts off in hot weather.

Glad to hear that Hanley Ramirez learned that he went way too far.

My Response: (Actually it is lost – this close to what I wrote.)

Except for Playoff and World Series games the Marlins only set aside about 36,000 seats for sale, so even if they sell out there are about 40,000 empty seats.  Sadly, the Marlins will draw only about 1,500,000 this season.

The Marlins actually have a large and enthusiastic fan base – their local TV ratings are among the top 5 in the major leagues – but people don’t go to games.  The stadium is a great venue for football, but not for baseball.  The weather in summer is brutal – high temperature and humidity and frequent rain – and only a small portion of the seats are under cover.  Plus, almost every late afternoon there is a torrential downpour.  I have often been in my car on the way to the game, about 45 minutes before game time, in rain so heavy that I could hardly see beyond the front of the car.  Yet, the games  do get played.

Regarding Hanley Ramirez – he is a petulant man-child, not nearly as lovable as your former problem child Manny.

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