I Freeze Garbage!

Well …….. not all of it!! I’m not that far gone yet!

As I’ve noted before, I have some unusual household habits or routines.  And when I tell others about them, I get strange looks.  But I firmly believe that I am acting completely rationally – that I am not yet a candidate for committal.

Take freezing garbage for example.   I’m quite selective.  Vegetable matter goes directly into the garbage disposal.  It is meat, bones and used cooking oils that I freeze.  Why?  Well, first those things are not supposed to be put in the disposal.  Secondly, if left at room temperature they quickly start to smell awful.  Thirdly, the garage is much warmer than the house proper, and in Florida the outside is very warm almost year round. It doesn’t help much to place this material in plastic bags, the odor finds a way out, anyway.

So, I put the non-vegetable matter in freezer bags and place it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.  On the mornings of  trash pickup I put the frozen stuff in sealed trash bags with the rest of the trash. It gets picked up long before it would start to thaw.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? ……………. It doesn’t? ………….. Hmmmmmm…..


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2 responses to “I Freeze Garbage!

  1. naturgesetz

    Makes sense to me. It’s … ummm … unusual, but not irrational

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