In Praise of Cauliflower

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have always been a good eater. I will pretty much eat anything put in front of me – although I must admit that there are some things (like liver)  I would prefer not to be put in front of me.

My Mother made sure that we had our veggies, and she served a great variety of them. I think she had a rotational schedule in her head because it seemed that there were fairly consistent intervals between the appearances of each one at the dinner table.   Unfortunately, cauliflower was included in her rotation.

My Mother had a tendency to overcook all vegetables, and cauliflower was no exception.  She would boil it until it was practically mush, but still held its shape, add lots of butter and season it with salt and pepper.  When I ate it I would always try to think of other things.  Cauliflower was on my mental list of foods that I would try to avoid when I was grown up and on my own.

I don’t think I had ever been exposed to raw cauliflower until I was an adult, and saw the little white florets at a salad bar.   Naturally I was curious and added a few small ones to my salad.  Guess what?  It took just one taste and I was hooked!  Cauliflower is delicious – it’s almost as good as candy!  From me that is quite a compliment.  In my mind I place foods in two categories – there are ‘candies and desserts’, then there are ‘all others’.  Cauliflower is also an ideal ‘munchie’.  In fact, I am munching on some as I write this!  And – I shudder to add – it is also ‘good for you’!

I believe that  boiling cauliflower until its fibers break down should at the very least be considered a misdemeanor, subject to fine and/or confinement!  Cooking it to an al dente state and covering it with a cheese sauce, however, is OK.



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2 responses to “In Praise of Cauliflower

  1. naturgesetz

    Cauliflower is nowhere near the top of my list, either raw, mushy, or anywhere in between. But I’ll eat it if it’s on my plate, and some time I might even buy some to cook when my brother is here. But I want to be able to have some Beano® with it, in addition to the “cheese sauce” (= sliced cheese product melting on top). I can do better, but I’d generally rather not take the time.

    • Naturally I agree. After all, I did rank it below candies and desserts. (I just noticed that I used ‘desert’ in my post. Dang it! Somebody should develop a spell checker program that considers context! – I guess I’ll just have to edit the post.)

      I also rank cauliflower below roast pork, strawberries and corn on the cob! And some other things too. But I still think it is yummy!

      I’ll close with one of my Mother’s sayings:
      “You just don’t know what’s good!”

      Hmmmmmm……… I never could understand that. I thought that my taste buds were excellent judges! :>)

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