The very bestest of the best college fight songs belongs to the University of Michigan.  I hate to admit it because I am no fan of the Michigan Wolverines.  I can’t imagine ever rooting for them, except when they play Ohio State.  But, one must recognize quality!  Your toes start to tingle with the rousing introduction, and you have to fight to keep your feet on the floor during  the chorus.  If only that chorus were not so arrogant and obnoxious! Heeheehee!

Hail! to the victors valiant

Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes

Hail! Hail to Michigan

The leaders and the best!

Following is mp3 file:

Michigan__Hail_To_The_Victors.mp3 (audio mpeg Object)

Here, the Michigan Marching Band plays and marches to “Hail! to the Victors” during their pre-game performance.  With 108,000 fans screaming and clapping some of the sound can’t be heard.


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  1. naturgesetz

    I really only noticed the song when Gerald Ford became President and it became his theme song at the 1976 convention. It really is stirring. “Hail, hail to Michigan/ The champions of the West.”

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