End of Holdout

For several years I have been jokingly telling people that I am one of the last six people in South Florida without a cell phone.

It’s not because I’m an old fogey who can’t handle new-fangled technology.  Cell phones aren’t all that new-fangled anyway.  I just hate telephones and about the only time I can think of when having a cell phone would be useful would be if I have car problems.

I have a land line because it’s a necessity.  Also, I need it for satellite television.  I don’t have long distance service.  Instead, I have a phone card for long distance calls that I purchased in 2002 for $25.   It originally had 500 minutes. I still have 135 left.   It is a rare month that I would make more than two or three phone calls total.  Probably two thirds of the calls I receive are salesmen or people soliciting charitable contributions.

Last Spring I spent a few days with relatives in Orlando.  Before I left home I went to Wal-Mart and bought a cheap phone with 300 minutes – one of those deals where you have no contract, but have to purchase new minutes monthly to maintain your service and to keep your unused minutes.  I actually used it a few times on the trip – maybe 10 minutes.  When the first 30 days ran out I tossed the phone in the trash can, forfeiting the remaining 290 minutes.  I couldn’t justify the minimum of $15 a month for minutes I figured I’d never use.

This Spring I did the same thing, again for a trip to Orlando.  The new phone cost a little more and had 500 minutes.  I never turned it on during the trip.  But this time I finally decided that maybe $15 a month is a small price to pay for the convenience of having it while on the road.  So I purchased 120 additional days and 600 minutes so I won’t have to bother to do it monthly.  When I remember, I take it with me when I drive.  Sometimes, I turn it on to check the battery and to determine when I’ll have to buy more minutes.  At this point I have almost 1200 minutes and 130 days!!  Woo Hoo!   I probably will use it for long distance when I use up my phone card.

I guess there are now only five holdouts left in South Florida!



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2 responses to “End of Holdout

  1. naturgesetz

    Several years ago I realized that it would be good to have a cell phone in the car for emergencies. It sits in the car, turned off; and occasionally I recharge the battery. The only real use I’ve got from it is when visiting relatives in Colorado or Prince Edward Island, making calls from the road.

    • Looks like my phone will have a similar fate – except for the rare long distance call after my phone card runs out – probably in 2012! 🙂

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