Miami Seaquarium

I went to the Miami Seaquarium yesterday (Friday).  I used to go there often in the late 1960s, taking my parents and visitors.  It was an odd experience.  There were exhibits, shows and structures that were there over 40 years ago – and they seemed so familiar to me – as if I had been there recently.  There were moments when I sensed that if I turned to the side my mother or father would be there!   A deja vu experience, to be sure.

After having been to many glitzy Disney-like theme parks the Seaquarium seems small and rather quaint to me.  But it is clean and well kept – and the many shows are fun, even if a bit amateurish compared to Disney.  The animals and marine life are obviously well cared for and their living areas are spacious and authentic looking.

I took a slew of photos, many of which I will be uploading to my Flickr site.  Here are just a few:

Their Dolphin Shaw was quite impressive.

A group of little ones from a Day Camp.

A giant fish tank with numerous underwater viewing windows.

Dolphins showing off.

A cute bird posing.

One of several performing seals.

Little ones getting sprayed.

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