It’s tolerable when your team wins

Yes, American League baseball is an abomination – but this past weekend the Good Guys won two of the three games – so I was at least able to derive some pleasure from attending.  It coulda been worse!  Friday night the Marlins won 14 to 9 – a real pitchers’ duel!  Saturday the Rays won 6 to 5, only because of three spectacular fielding plays that prevented the Good Guys from scoring more.  On Sunday the Marlins won 6 to 1, giving the Rays’ pitcher his first loss of the season, and his first at home since last May.  So – –  Woot! Woot! – – not a bad weekend.

I even got on national TV!  A Marlin hit a two-run homer which was caught by a fan four seats to my left.  The video, which I found on the Internet, shows me applauding, whilst those surrounding me are not so pleased!  If I had only known I would be a TV star for three seconds I wouldn’t have worn that goofy green, black and white striped shirt!

Spending time with my nephew and his wife was great, as usual.  I’m looking forward to their visit this weekend.

Unfortunately, the drives to and from were not very pleasant.  Since I had gotten an early start  Friday I decided to take US 27 instead of the Interstate.  It’s a divided highway which goes north-northwest through Florida, passing through lots of small towns and cities – providing something else to look at beside trees, which is pretty much all one sees from Interstates.  The portion of US 27 in Broward County though, all the way up to Lake Okeechobee, is flat land with nothing but sugar cane fields and sod farms – no towns, commercial buildings or houses.  It is a major truck route – one of the most dangerous highways in the US – with the high speeds, heavy truck traffic and numerous areas where  trucks enter the highway heavily loaded and slow building up to speed.

I was on US 27 about 40 miles when traffic came to a complete stop.   Most of the cars ahead had their doors open and there were many people walking around or gathered in groups.  Way ahead between the lanes I could see flashing lights.  It appeared we were in for a long delay.  A truck driver told me that he had heard on his CB radio that a semi had overturned and there was a helicopter on the road to transport the injured driver.  I took a walk quite a ways ahead, maybe 50 or 60 vehicles – where I took the following photo.  The flashing lights were still a very long ways ahead, so I turned around and went back to my car.  The heat was brutal, much over 100 in the sun with no shade anywhere – and there were thousands of flying insects which looked like miniature copters buzzing around.

When the delay reached an hour and a half I decided to cross the median, drive the 40 miles back and take the Interstate.  But just as I was backing up a bit to get room to make the turn onto the median the traffic started to move – just a slow crawl, but it was movement.  It was quite a relief to get the A/C working!  Apparently the delay was caused by the time it took to get enough traffic cones to block off a lane on the other side of the median to cover the distance between crossovers up ahead.  I snapped the following shot as we passed the accident scene.  

I just got to Brookesville in time to take off for the game.


But compared to the harrowing experience I had on the way back home  the traffic delay was only a minor inconvenience.  That will be the subject of my next post.


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