Are We There Yet?

For the past few hours I have been like a small child anxious for the end of a car trip, continually asking, “Are we there yet?”   Except I’m sitting here at my PC and I’m antsy about dinner!

Tuesday evenings, Scrubby’s, a local barbecue place, has for it’s special: a full rack of baby back ribs with baked sweet potato, cole slaw, baked beans and toast for only $9.99!  Although I am usually more inclined towards chicken and seafood, Scrubby’s baby backs are to die for: tender, moist and falling off the bone.  And their special barbecue sauce is definitely ordered directly from Heaven!

Every year the local newspaper designates Scrubby’s as the best barbecue restaurant in the county. I won’t argue that.

I can hardly stand the wait!

Is it time to leave yet?


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  1. naturgesetz

    It’s really great when you find a place that serves something you really like at a great price. Your description has me wishing I were there.

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