Picture Post

Lacking inspiration for a brilliant post today, I’ve decided instead to post some  photos I’ve taken that I like.

Baby Hibiscus: I noticed this hibiscus outside a restaurant.  It was in the process of opening up from a bud –  still shiny and moist.

Fishing Pier at Dania Beach, FloridaFishing Pier: This is at Dania Beach, Florida just north of Hollywood.

Red and White: This is one of my favorite photos.  I love the color contrast – and it is one of the few close up photos of white flowers I’ve taken where the white has not overwhelmed the details.

White Egret: I captured this guy strutting across my next-door neighbor’s front yard.  I used to love seeing Egrets in by back yard by the lake until the day that I discovered why they were there – they were waiting for lunch!  When they spot a family of baby ducklings on the lake accompanied by their mother they leave temporarily awaiting the ducks coming onto land.  Then they swoop down and grab one of the little ones and fly away.  The mother ducks don’t much appreciate it but can’t do anything about it.  I realize this is just Mother Nature at work but after watching  it happen in my yard I no longer enjoy seeing egrets on my lawn.


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