Clap for Me!

I’ve noted before that I’m not a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy.  I have pretty close to negative mechanical aptitude.  “Insert Tab A into Slot A” is near the limit of my ability.

So, it is with great pride that I announce that I have succeeded in assembling a new chair for my computer desk!  And ……… when finished there were no parts left over!  I could hardly be more proud of myself.

I was in Office Depot yesterday to buy some computer supplies  and saw that they had a sale of office chairs.  The prices were so good that I completely forgot about how intimidated I am by “some assembly required”, and I purchased one.  I was rudely returned to reality, however, when at home I opened the box and took out the assembly instructions.  They were in English, French and Spanish.  They might as well have been in Mandarin Chinese, Urdu and Sanskrit!  Just look at them, for Pete’s Sake!

As I often do when I find myself in such a situation I did my Scarlett O’Hara imitation.  I sighed, “I’ll worry about this tomorrow!”, picked up the box and headed to the garage to put it with other things awaiting attention on some “tomorrow”.  But this time, from somewhere deep within I found the courage and resolve to at least make an attempt. I brought it back into the front room and began unloading all the parts.  The rest is history!

I can’t say it was easy.  Although I realize that it should be.  I studied the instructions with a degree of concentration heretofore only expended cramming for exams many years ago.  And, in probably only three times as long as it would have been for a normal person I had actually successfully assembled the chair!  I sat in it and swiveled around 360 degrees and it didn’t fall apart!  I was even able to adjust the height!  Lordy, would you just look at this!

When I was a small child whenever I achieved something new and dramatic, like toddling across the room without falling on my face or posterior, I would receive applause from my parents and older siblings.  So, how about it?  This is surely an equivalent achievement.  Clap for me!



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2 responses to “Clap for Me!

  1. naturgesetz


    That’s really impressive!

    • Aw shucks! Thanks for the ‘attaboy’.

      It’s embarrassing to be such a useless klutz around the house. I’m glad I have other talents.

      Yet, I’m certain that the feeling of accomplishment I get when I actually do something far exceeds that of someone who does such things routinely. : )

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