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I have several of these flowering plants in front of my house.  They are rather unusual in that they produce new flowers each morning and drop them all each night.  Mother Nature is quite wasteful in this regard.  I don’t know the name of this plant.  I keep planning to check it out at a garden shop, but never remember to do so when I’m at one.

After more than ten years of producing daily purple flowers, this one albino blossom appeared one day last year.  Of course it dropped off that evening.  I’ve not seen another since.

The little lake behind my house is usually still and as smooth as glass in the morning – then little ripples appear on the other side of the lake and work their way towards my shore.  It is not smooth again until the next morning.  On this day I saw this little ball floating absolutely still on the lake.  By the time I had gone in the house to get my camera and returned the little ripples had already begun to take over the lake.

I was at South Beach at the southern tip of Miami Beach strolling through the park area next to the Ocean Highway when I saw a little guy squealing  and running full speed towards his daddy with his little arms outstretched.  By the time I got my camera ready he had jumped into his daddy’s arms and was being tossed in the air.  If you click on the photo you can see more detail.


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