Yesterday around 4 PM I sensed that it was unusually warm in the house although the A/C  fan was running.  I checked the thermometer near my PC desk – it registered 81°F (about 27°C), much higher than my thermostat setting.  I then discovered that the condenser outdoors was not working. Since it was 95° outside (35°C) and the forecast low for the evening was 79° (26°C) I knew that I was in for a rather uncomfortable night.  And it was.  All the windows were open but there wasn’t the slightest breeze.  The house temperature never dipped below 84° (29°C) all night.  Around 1 AM I grabbed a flannel sheet from the closet and laid it on the front room rug with a pillow, turned on the overhead fan and there spent the remainder of the night.

I had a repairman in this morning and the problem was quickly diagnosed (a blown fuse) and quickly fixed.

My little ordeal got me to thinking about how most of us in the Western world are so spoiled by the blessings of our technological age and the standard of living that it provides that such a minor inconvenience as I experienced seems almost like a momentous tragedy.  My God, I had to spend almost 18 hours being uncomfortably warm!  I had to take two showers to relieve myself of the discomfort of having perspired!  I was forced to sleep on the floor!  Oh, woe is me!

I am so lucky – so blessed – that such a minor inconvenience is all I have to complain about.  There must be hundreds of millions who would gladly trade places and willingly experience my suffering.


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2 responses to “Inconvenienced

  1. You are right, it’s “sophisticated whining” that we often do in our rich and modern Western societies (no offense!). By the way, when it comes to airconditioning, we actually don’t have airconditioning in Western Europe (except for very few people). So now you can guess how arduous these high temperatures here are, even in the house. For about two weeks by now almost every day we have temperatures above 30°C and high humidity. That’s quite uncommon here though.


    • Hey, no offense taken.

      It is human nature to gripe and whine, and I suppose I am quite good at it. Almost always, though, I am able to recognize what I am doing, and remind myself that I have been blessed with material things, circumstances and pleasures that the vast majority of peoples in the world could only dream of – and I can see that at the very worst what I am whining about is a minor inconvenience.

      Regarding air conditioning, it is the reason that the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area has over 5 1/2 million people. This area would be left for the ‘gators and egrets without it.

      I grew up in the Northeast in a climate much like yours. Central A/C is not so common there, even today. There are only a few days a year when it is so warm at night as to be uncomfortable. However, it is very common to have window A/C units for bedrooms for just those rare days. I know – so very decadent!


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