Not Ready For the Rocking Chair Yet

I am old. I am so frigging old that it scares me.  I try to avoid saying the number out loud because it depresses me.  As I mentioned in my first post,  that unhappy fact is the motivation for the name of this blog.

But I am not quite ready to go sit in a rocking chair and await the conclusion!  Despite the calendar I do not feel old; I do not act old; and, except for the job Father Time has done on my once youthful face I don’t believe I look old.

Throughout my life I have remained physically active, almost to the point of obsession.  Throughout my life I have eagerly accepted and adapted to the new.  I have no desire to become mentally and emotionally stuck in the past.  Okay, I have developed some rather odd habits some may call eccentric, but I don’t think they have negatively affected my outlook on life.

Friday, I decided to go to the basketball court for the first time in almost three months.  I had had a recurrence of an old knee injury which was taking its sweet time to heal.  During that period of  idleness I had packed on  eight pounds.  Add to that the 10 pounds or so that I had accumulated after stopping playing competitively and I am feeling kind of chunky – I don’t like the way it feels, and I don’t like the way it looks.  I have determined to get that weight off.

I decided to take my Flip video camera with me to document my blubbery “before” state, as well as to show that I can still run around and jump up and down.  When I looked at the video I was not surprised by my bulk, but I was really pleased with the “old bod” .  I don’t think I look anything like a 71 year old. (Damn, it is as depressing to write that number as to say it!)  Here are a few frames I captured from the video.

Driving to the hoop.

He scores!

Reverse Layup.

I had no idea that I could get up so high with my jump shot.  Lordy, what was my vertical jump when I was 30?

When you’re shooting alone you have to chase everything even when you score.  Doesn’t look like a 71 year old body to me, even with all the blubber.

Of course the front view shows Father Time’s work.



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2 responses to “Not Ready For the Rocking Chair Yet

  1. Its obvious to me that everyone ages at very different rates. It is truly a number. Your blog could have been named ” As the days multiply”. Nothing would be specifically implied there. I’m enjoying your journal. Please keep writing!

  2. Ed

    Thanks for comment. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to stay in good physical condition and I refuse to grow old between the ears. But that still is a BIG number I would like to ignore.

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