The Ohio State University -( their students and alums add the “The” (pronounced like “thee”) with emphasis to distinguish themselves from Ohio University, I guess) – quite modestly refers to their marching band as The Best Damn Band In The Land.  Now, I am most un-fond of Ohio State’s athletic teams, so much so that I even root for Michigan when they play each other – and Michigan rates extremely high in my un-fond list.   But I have to admit that they do have a very good marching band.  The best?  I don’t know – there are quite a few outstanding college marching bands in the US.

Ever since the 1930s the band has performed “Script Ohio” before every home game, in which the entire band spells out “Ohio” in script, ending with tuba player dotting the “i”.  Here is the band doing the script on a national telecast.  It really is quite impressive.

Ohio State also has this neat fight song:

Ohio St. -buckeye_battle_cry

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