Fish Were Eating My Lawn!

The South Florida Water Management people control the water levels in all our little lakes and canals to prevent flooding, by emptying excess water into the ocean.  For some reason unbeknown to me they kept water levels higher than normal for a period in late spring and summer last year.  The effect was that the water in my little lake  encroached onto my back lawn, sometimes a full foot or more in from the shore.

Now this was no disaster.  The water certainly never rose enough to come close to my house.  But what it did do was to give  rather large fish access to my grass.  I never knew fish ate grass – but now that I think of it they munch on underwater vegetation – so why not my lawn?

They normally took off whenever I approached the shore, but one day I was able to capture one in the act – as witness below.

The irregular edge of the grass, which initially was a straight line, shows what a good job they were doing!


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