Butterfly World

Last Wednesday I deposited the tiny macho-man portion of my personality in a dresser drawer, grabbed my camera, and headed for Butterfly World, located in Coconut Creek near the northern border of Broward County.

I’d seen their sign near a Florida Turnpike exit and driven past their entrance many times, but frankly never was tempted.  But, I live alone and sometimes get so bored and tired of my own company that I’ve just got to get out of the house – and just about anything will do to break the monotony.

What a pleasant surprise!  The place was like a miniature paradise – exotic plants and birds, waterfalls, an insect museum and, obviously, thousands of unbelievably beautiful butterflies flitting about.  I took over a hundred photos, many of which I’ll be uploading to my Flickr site.  The frustrating thing, though, was that the little creatures were extremely uncooperative, most refusing to stay anywhere they landed long enough to permit me to photograph them.  Most of those which did linger refused to open their wings.  By far the most uncooperative were the most colorful ones.  Grrrrrrr……….

Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took.  You’ll have to click on these to see them full size, especially if you want to read the sign in the first photo.


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