Some Second Looks

I take many photographs.  To be honest, most of them can be classified somewhere between ordinary and garbage.  But that matters little with digital cameras.  There is no cost of film or development – – its FWEEEEEEEE!

When I upload my photos to my PC I find that some are truly awful – some just ordinarily awful.  Those get deleted.  A few actually look good to me – a few more I think might become fairly decent with just a bit of tweaking in Photoshop Elements.  Those get put in folders of “keepers”, and those of them that are not of family and friends get uploaded to my Flickr site.  I’ve actually had over 8,500 hits on that site and several favorable comments – some photos even “favorite-ed”.  That definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!  😀

The rest of the photos, the vast majority, I consider kind of ordinary.  I don’t delete them.  I just accumulate them in a folder until they number 400 – then I start a new folder.   Occasionally I look through one of those folders and decide that a few are not all that bad – and I consider them for the “keepers” folders, and maybe even for Flickr.  Today I went through one of the ordinary folders and found seven that I’ve decided on second look deserved promotion.  So, here they are – I don’t know that any of them will be uploaded to Flickr, though.

I love these ugly birds.  I imagine this is the way they sweat, but it sort of looks like they are showing off.

Yeah – the composition sucks!  But I love the colors.

Zooming degraded the sharpness but I like it anyway.

Reminds me of Creamsicles. Yum!

Poor composition – washed out by overexposure – but the “Never Cook Again”  sign is such a wonderful thought!

I received this little Bonsai tree as a gift.  I keep it on the coffee table in my front room, where part of the year it gets direct sun from a skylight window.  Thoughtful person that I am, I often put it down on the floor to get some sun during the times of the year when the sun doesn’t hit the coffee table.  😀

Not sure where this was taken, or even why I took it.



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2 responses to “Some Second Looks

  1. I understand what you feel about taking pictures. Whenever I have my camera with me, I photograph everything that comes to my mind (or rather to my eyes).

    @Pic 2: Do you happen to know how those flowers are called? Magnolias perhaps? Sorry, I’m a total plant noob. 😛

    The last picture looks so great. I’d actually love to live in that shack for some days (in case it has some windows in it). 😀

  2. Heehee…. I think I can identify by name maybe ten kinds of flowers. I am so embarrassed when I put photos of flowers on my Flickr site because I can usually only name the photos “flower” or “flowers”. Well, sometimes I add the color! 😀

    Regarding the flowers in my photo – I Google Imaged “Magnolia” and was amazed to find some photos that looked exactly like them. But magnolias grow on trees! 😦

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