Inconvenienced Again!

At about 7:30 AM today my electricity went out for maybe three seconds, then resumed.  I have to commend Florida Power & Light for the fact that, except for an occasional blackout caused by a hurricane, such interruptions are rare.

However, those three seconds had quite an impact.

  • Both of my satellite TV receivers died, then resurrected themselves – mindless – having to seek and locate the satellite signal in order to download its software and load the entire program guide for 250-plus channels.
  • My telephone answering machine began frantically beeping, no longer knowing what day or time it was, and unable to remember my recorded message.
  • My Blu-Ray and two VCRs decided it may now be noon but,  not being entirely certain of that, began flashing 12:00 repeatedly.  They, too, no longer knew what day it was.
  • The clock on my stove began blinking 12:00.
  • The microwave began streaming instructions, demanding that the setup process be initiated.
  • The display on my stereo started to show a series of strange bouncing symbols.  It, too, had lost track of the time.

Ah, modern technology is wonderful, to be sure – but sometimes it can be quite  frustrating.  😦


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