A Morning of Play

I had several errands planned for the first thing this morning but the day began rainy and dreary, so I put them off for this afternoon, which I hope will be more pleasant.  Instead I have devoted the morning to play.  I selected several ordinary photos I took last summer and applied some Photoshop effects to them, to see if I could make them more acceptable.

Here are the results of my efforts.  You will have to double click on the photos to enlarge them to fully appreciate the brilliance!   🙂

This is a sort of blah photo I took of some odd looking flowers I saw while taking a walk in the neighborhood.  The flowers at the bottom are out of focus.Here are several results.  In each case I think the photo has been significantly improved.This is a quite ordinary beach scene.First, I applied an effect that makes it look like a painting; then I cropped it twice to highlight different sections.Finally, This is a forest scene I took at the side of the road in Central Florida.  It was intended to look like the “forest primeval” but instead it came out as just a bunch of trees, plus it is overexposed where the sky is visible.I kinda like this effect.Well, that is the total result of my morning play.  The sun is out now, so it is time to grab a lunch and head out on my errands before the afternoon rain promised  by the weatherman returns.


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