White Water

I saw a teenage boy and his mother in the dairy section of the supermarket yesterday.  He was obviously not a “happy camper”, and understandably so.  After all, what male between the ages of 12 and 18 wants to be in public with his mother?  Heaven forbid he should be seen with his “Mommie” by a classmate!  He looked as if he had been sucking on lemons.

I well remember having similar feelings at that age.  I also recall my attitude changing after high school.

Anyway, on to the purpose of this post – as “Mommie” was reaching for a carton of milk, the young man groused in typical teen manner: “Don’t get that 2% stuff!  It’s like drinking white water!”

Now I’m not much of a milk fan.  I use it with cereal and in cooking.  I rarely drink it alone.  In fact, I buy half-gallon cartons and usually end up pouring about  a third of it down the drain when it gets close to the “sell by” date.  I get concerned about it spoiling.

Some years ago I switched to 2% thinking it surely wouldn’t hurt to lower my fat intake.  I don’t recall noticing a significant change in the taste.  However, sometime later I bought a carton of whole milk because the store was out of 2%.  I almost gagged on it the next morning while eating my cereal.  It was so sickish and thick.  It was like drinking heavy cream.  I was surprised that I had hardly noticed a change switching to 2%, but the change switching back was profound.

I have since gone to 1%, and wasn’t able to discern a difference from 2%.  Maybe someday I’ll go all the way to skim milk, although I have a feeling it will taste like “white water”!

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