Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

Texas A & M University, established in 1876,  is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Texas.  It was originally a military college but membership in the Corps of Cadets is now voluntary.  Of a total enrollment of over 48,000 students, the Corps has 2,200 members.

The Corps’ 400 member Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is the largest military marching band in the world.  The band is different from other large university marching bands in that it plays traditional marches exclusively, and its halftime show consists entirely of precision marching.  It is spectacular.

The following video is from the 2009 season.  The band’s performance, opening with the school’s fight song, the Aggie War Hymn,  doesn’t come until almost two minutes into the video, but the show is well worth the wait.  It is best to view the video full screen at 480 or 720 resolution.


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