Whatever Was the Builder Thinking?

My house is an almost exact square, 49 feet each side.  That works out to approximately 2,400 sq. feet (223 sq, meters).  Taking away the garage, which is approximately 400 sq. feet, the under roof living space is close to 2,000 sq. feet (186 sq. meters).

The house is obviously no mansion, but with three bedrooms and two baths it is large enough to accommodate up to six people comfortably.  It certainly is quite spacious for one person.  Sometimes more than two weeks go by before I enter one of the other two bedrooms, and I don’t really use the second bathroom.  I go into it occasionally to flush the toilet and to run water in the sink and bathtub.- I’m concerned about the water in the traps evaporating and allowing sewer gas into the house.

What I don’t understand is what could have been in the builder’s mind when he provided such a tiny kitchen for this house.  It is so small that one almost has to leave the room in order to turn around.  😦  There is cupboard space for dishes and cooking utensils, or for canned and boxed food and staples – but not for both.  I had to buy open storage units for items that must be in the kitchen but for which there was otherwise no space.

Without cabinets and appliances the room is 8 by 12 feet, only nine sq. meters.  With those things there is hardly room to move around.  Here is what it looks like from three angles:

I suppose it would be reasonable to ask why I bought the place if the kitchen was so unsatisfactory.  Well, there were several factors in play which were pressuring me to make a decision quickly.  First, my reimbursable temporary quarters period was running out and I had an unsold house where I moved from – costing me mortgage and utility payments.  Second, the house was located in the area I wanted to live in.  Third, the house was on water – another thing I wanted. And, finally it was in my price range.

Nevertheless, years later, I still curse the builder almost every time I bring groceries home and whenever I have to do any cooking and/or baking that requires anything more complex than opening a can!


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