How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Being a male born in the second third of the 20th century, and thus one of the privileged half of humanity,  😀  I was not much exposed around the home to what was then commonly referred to as “woman’s work”.  Oh, I had to set and clear the table, wipe dishes and take out the trash, but that was pretty much the extent of my involvement in household chores.

Iron clothes? Make beds? Sew on a button? Cook? Dust? Mop and sweep? Do laundry?  Dream on! Boys didn’t do such stuff.  That’s what Mothers and Sisters were for!  😛

So, it should not be surprising that I was not well prepared when I fell heir to the responsibilities of the houseeeper.  But necessity is a powerful motivator!  I had to learn it all – the hard way – trial and error, on the job.  And, although I don’t feel qualified to be hired by a professional house cleaning service,  or as a chef, I believe that I now do reasonably well.

But there is one thing that has totally escaped me.  I have been trying for years with zero success to properly fold a fitted sheet.  I have no problem with pillow cases as you can see.

Likewise, the top sheet is no great mystery. I’m sure it could be done better, but it is at least flat and mostly rectangular.

Sadly, this is the very best that I have ever been able to do with a fitted sheet.  I am too embarrassed to show one of my “normal” efforts.  God knows I’ve tried, though!  I’ve even Googled instructions, but I have never been able to achieve a result that is not lumpy and misshapen.

Since the fitted sheets stretch out on the bed wrinkle free, this is not a major problem.  Nevertheless, I sure would like to just once do it right.


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