I’m Melting!

Well ……. not literally, of course!

But, I am now six pounds lighter than I was on July 16 when I made a video of my blubbery self on the basketball court. ( I posted some stills from that video on July 17th.)  I realize that dropping six pounds in six weeks is not a particularly impressive accomplishment, but I haven’t been dieting at all – just getting more exercise.

Sadly, the loss of six pounds is not visible to the naked eye, but I have noticed less snugness from my clothes around the waist – and I have moved one notch on my belt!  I have twelve more pounds to shed before I reach my “playing weight” – what I normally weighed when I was playing basketball four to six times a week.

However, I don’t want to take another twelve weeks to reach my goal. I suppose I will have to seriously consider cutting back on the ice cream!  😦

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