I mentioned in my post of August 26th that I went fishing on my camping trip, and that that was the only time  I have fished in my life.  It was one of those “I tried it once and didn’t like it” experiences.

I really wasn’t too enthused with the idea, but my brother-in-law insisted.  He wanted company, and he was very persuasive.  Plus, we had rods and reels, a boat, a bucket of worms and fishing licenses.

Thus, I found myself out on the water in our little boat with its outboard motor cruising in and around all those  islands, stopping here and there and dropping our lines.  There are so many islands (almost 1,800), some very large, others tiny and in some places very close together, and the river is so wide that is almost impossible to determine whether you are in the US or Canada.

For me the whole experience was exhausting.  The only time I got any rest was when we were moving between spots.  We would stop – I’d reach into a bucket full of slimy squirming worms – grab one and impale it on the fish hook (Eeeeew! Not something I much enjoyed doing, but I wasn’t going to be a ‘girly man’ in front of my brother-in-law!)  😕   – drop the line in the water – then dip my hand in the river to get the worm slime off my fingers.

I don’t think there was ever more than a two or three minute wait before the little round red thingy began bobbing up and down in the water and I felt a pull on the line.  I would then reel the fish in and (double Eeeeew!) remove the hook while the fish was frantically wiggling back and forth in my hands.  In one case I remember the barbed end of the hook coming through its eye.  I am very squeamish about that kind of thing – but, alas,  there are times in life when one just has to ‘man up’ and do what has to be done.  Then came the decision whether to keep the fish or toss it back.  I think we kept anything which was more than a foot long.  I must have reeled in 50 to 75 fish that morning, but tossed most of them back.  Our combined efforts resulted in a bucket full of fish for dinner and an almost empty bucket of worms.

In addition to catching a lot of fish I got the worst sunburn of my life.  It was an extremely warm day, with no clouds to give even occasional shade from the Sun’s rays, both direct and reflecting off the water.  I, of course, had removed my shirt early on  to get relief from the heat.  Not a wise move!  The day that common sense was covered at school I must have been home with a cold or upset stomach! For several days I looked like a lobster and peeled like a snake.  To say I was also very, very uncomfortable would be an understatement.

But the fish were definitely delicious – – although I did not enjoy chopping off heads, fins and tails or removing innards and bones – – I could have got along just fine without that!  All in all, I decided that fishing involves too many Eeeeew moments and is altogether too much work!

Ever since, I have done all my fishing at the supermarket and in restaurants.  😀


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