Lightning Strikes

When I went to the park to shoot some hoops Friday I found the following new sign  at the entrance to the courts.

I found identical signs posted in many other places in the park.  Apparently, even in this period of governmental budget cuts the county saw fit to install a lightning warning system.

Florida leads the United States in lightning strikes, with more deaths from lightning than the other 49 states combined. This system is going to be terrific for me because it will now force me to recognize the danger and find cover.  I am embarrassed to admit that I have always foolishly stayed out on the basketball court until storms are right on top of me, even though I’m well aware that lightning can strike several miles away from a storm.  I guess I suffer from that old “It only happens to other people” syndrome.  😕

Thank you Broward County.  😀


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  1. naturgesetz

    It’s pretty amazing what they can do nowadays.

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