Picture Post

Here are a few of my recent photos, not uploaded to my Flickr site.

I Photoshopped this to accent the blades of grass.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, the individual grass blades really stand out.

Kiddie Playground – Every time I see one of these setups I think of my deprived childhood.  😦   The playground across the street from my house had only primitive metal swings, a slide and monkey bars.  It’s a miracle that none of us ever fell from the monkey bars and cracked our skulls or broke bones.

I have a “thing” for weird signs.  Must be enlarged to read.

I was too lazy one evening to cook a proper meal or even go out to eat – so I threw together this mess – sliced boiled new potatoes, onions, chopped olives,  garlic, and a sliced hot dog, seasoned and sauted in olive oil and a splash of rum.  It was actually delicious!  😛

I love this sign.  These people are so lucky that they don’t have to put up with “Improper” management!  😕


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