A New Season

This past weekend was the beginning of the college football season – that dreadfully violent sport that I enjoy watching so much.  Saturday, I watched all or some of several games on the tube starting at Noon right through past midnight.  Add to that a game Monday night.  I now have had my fill of football until next Saturday – unless there’s a game on Thursday night!  😆  I’ll have to check the schedule.

One of the games I watched on Saturday was Purdue vs. Notre Dame – a traditional annual game between the two Indiana schools, which Notre Dame won 23-12 .  When I worked in Indianapolis in the mid-1980’s I visited both campuses but never attended a game  at either site.  The fight songs of both schools are kinda neat – Notre Dame’s is one of the most recognizable in the country.


Purdue -Hail Purdue (PSP)

I found the following amusing video of the Purdue Marching Band on YouTube.  They are marching on campus to a park to perform a pregame concert.  It must be great fun being in a marching band.  You can act like a five year old, doing silly things as a group in public which if done solo would earn a trip to the “funny farm” for observation – and people love it.  Purdue’s drum line is fabulous.


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