Afternoon at the Zoo

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the Miami Zoo.  What a fantastic place!  The animals have spacious areas to roam in that look just like the wild.  Only a few birds were caged.  I took lots of photos – many of which I plan to upload to Flickr.

It was a beastly hot day, though – temperature in the mid 90s (about 35° C), and the humidity had to be close to 100%.  It felt as if you could grab a fistful of air and squeeze water out.  The animals were much wiser than we humans.  They found shady spots and mostly snoozed.  After just two hours of walking around I was drenched.  Of course, I am a world-class perspirer!

Here are a few photos showing how much space the animals have to roam in, and how very much it is like their natural habitats.  Click to enlarge. Second click makes even larger.

I was amused by the the following sign.  To be quite honest, I actually hadn’t any intention to.

I took this photo in the mens room.  You often see urinals set lower for little people, but rarely have I seen sinks especially for them.

If interested you can see many more of the Zoo photos at my Flickr site.  I’ll be uploading them soon.  Just click on “More Photos” underneath the four photos in the upper right corner of this page.


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