I Can Fold a T-Shirt

I have some confessions to make.

  • My TV is on a lot.
  • I don’t look at it much – it functions primarily as background noise for me, much like the radio did for me back in olden times.
  • When I am actually watching TV I keep the remote close at hand because I don’t like watching the ads – I usually start channel surfing the moment a program breaks for a commercial.

That’s how I came to learn how to fold a T-Shirt.

One morning about a year ago I was watching one of the 24 hour news channels, either CNN or MSNBC, and as was my habit I started channel surfing at a commercial break.  I don’t stay on a channel very long whilst I surf -a few seconds only – just long enough to determine if I want to stop – then its on to the next channel.

On one of the channels I saw two women walking from one side of the set to the other as one said: “Now I’m going to show you the proper way to fold a T-Shirt”.  By the time that sentence registered in my mind I was already at the next channel – but it intrigued me enough that I immediately switched back.

You see, I had been folding T-Shirts for decades but I had never been satisfied with the result of my efforts.  The shirts took up too much space in the dresser drawer and they didn’t stack neatly.  So I thought maybe I could learn something here.

The woman was Martha Stewart – –  I can’t stand Martha Stewart.  She is so bleeping perfect at everything – cooking, household tasks, crafts – you name it.  Nobody should be perfect!

Nevertheless, I put animus aside and watched her demonstrate the proper way to fold a T-Shirt.  I was amazed!  It was so simple and neat.  I immediately went to the dresser and grabbed a T-Shirt and attempted to do it myself.

I discovered that my clumsy awkward hands with fingers that function like ten left thumbs on a right-handed person were able to fold T-Shirts into tight flat rectangles that lie in neat stacks – just like Martha!

I demonstrate Martha’s method in this video.  Please understand that I do a much better job when I don’t have the pressure of being on camera!   😀



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4 responses to “I Can Fold a T-Shirt

  1. Congratulatios, you do it like the Germans who are world champions in “zapping”!

    Mr. Sarrazin would allege you have German genes!

    The t shirt folding technique – wow, it’s great! I applied it to my cabinet and now I have much more space in it because the t shirts are much smaller when they are folded! 😀 Thanks!

    • Ed

      Yup, that folding technique is great. It also makes for a little extra room when packing a suitcase.

      Your reference to Mr. Sarrazin threw me for a bit, until I Googled him. I was aware of the uproar he had caused, but had forgotten his name. His allegation would be correct – I apparently have at least 25% German genes – probably accounts for my preference for order in most things. Heehee….

      Also, Germans may be particularly adept at “zapping”, but I suspect this characteristic has been attached to all Y chromosomes, lying dormant for many millennia awaiting the invention of the TV remote.

  2. By the way, I got your e-mail! Hopefully I’ll get to answer it within the next few days.


  3. Or maybe zapping has the same effect that opening websites and getting e-mails has on the human brain: the release of endorphins.

    It must be kind of an addiction, thus.

    To come back to the folding technique once again, my armoire is indeed much smaller now! ;D (or at least I don’t need that many shelves for the clothes anymore… I don’t use a real cabinet for them).

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