A Most Unpleasant Surprise!

I recently purchased a Wedge AM-FM, CD, Clock, USB, SD radio.  According to reviews I had read on the Net it compares very favorably with the Bose radio at only one-third the price.  I have to agree.  The sound quality is superb.

I mentioned in a previous post that I use a clock radio as a wake up alarm.  It goes off at 6:30 AM tuned to a sports talk station at the time they give scores of the previous night’s games.  I have a built in mental clock, though, that wakes me almost every morning at about 6:25 – and I wait for the radio to come on.  I would guess that the radio on average actually has to waken me less than once a month.  The exception is a period of a week to ten days twice a year when daylight savings time kicks in and ends.  It takes that long for my mental clock to recalibrate.

Well, that’s the background.  Now for my unpleasant surprise.

I set the radio’s volume control for normal listening from level  ten to twelve on its volume scale.  For wake up I set it at seven.  But when I listen to a CD or to music on an FM radio station I am compelled to raise the volume so that it seems like the orchestra, band or singers are in the room with me.

Yesterday afternoon I was listening to one of Chopin’s most rousing polonaises with the volume set at 28.  One would have sworn the piano was next to my bed!  I don’t know how I heard it, but the doorbell rang – so I turned off the radio and went to answer the door.  It was my 90 year old next-door neighbor.  He had just purchased a new HDTV and asked me if I would set it up for him – which I gladly did.

Well, I forgot all about the radio, and this morning just happened to be that rare one day in more than 30 when I did not waken before 6:30.  You’d better believe I was awakened at 6:30!   😯   I’ll swear that the vibration of the sportscaster’s voice lifted me three inches off the mattress – a particularly unpleasant way to start the day!



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5 responses to “A Most Unpleasant Surprise!

  1. I can imagine you must have been shaking after turning off the radio. 😛

    It’s cute that your aged neighbour asked you to set up the new TV set. 😀

    • Ed


      In retrospect it is very funny. At the time it was not at all so.

      It was pitch-black (because I had turned off the backlight of the time display) and I frantically tried to find the Snooze button to stop the sound, but there are 25 separate buttons on top of the radio, and I pressed several of the wrong ones before finally succeeding.

      In so doing I changed the time zone to the Atlantic Zone (Labrador and Newfoundland, I think!) and switched to a different radio station.

      And, yes, being wakened from a deep sleep by a sudden gazillion decibels can leave one a bit shaky!

  2. naturgesetz


    All the buttons can certainly be a menace at a time like that. I’ve learned to use the beep feature on my radio (It sounds kinda like a truck backing up.) because I don’t really want to listen to the radio at that point. I’ve also learned to use the remote control to shut it off, so I won’t hit the wrong button on the radio itself.

    • Ed

      I have a small clock radio that I take on out of town trips which I set to beep because I want to ensure that I wake at a specific time, generally not my wake time at home. The beeping surely does the job.

      However, at home I’m usually awake when the radio comes on, and, except for rare instances, I really have no particular need to get up at any specific time. I just get up at 6:30 out of habit, I suppose – but I tell myself that maybe some day I’ll just turn off the radio and stay in the sack ’til noon. I haven’t done so in decades.

      I’m not sure why. When I was much younger I had no problem doing that on weekends. Maybe it has something to do with a subconscious recognition that the days are definitely dwindling down and I don’t want to waste any more time in the sack than I have to. However, I don’t consciously think that way.

  3. naturgesetz

    If I didn’t “have to” get up and go to Mass every morning, I might very well stay up until 5:00 and sleep until 11:00 or later. It seems as if my natural circadian rhythm is longer than 24 hours.

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