Commuter Train

My camera and I were restless today so we went to a couple parks and a railroad station, plus took a stroll on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, to capture some new photos for my Flickr site.  I also grabbed my Flip video camera, just in case something interesting presented itself.

I took 111 photos – not many of them up to my usual brilliant standards  😀 – but I was able to select several to update to Flickr, maybe tomorrow.  While I was at the Hollywood railroad station I heard a far away train whistle and looked up to see a northbound Tri-Rail train coming towards the station.  I had just enough time to get the Flip camera from its case and capture its arrival.  Tri-Rail is a commuter rail system running between Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.  Here is the video:

Whilst strolling on the Boulevard I saw this sign that tickled my funny bone.  I am a great fan of silly puns.

Hmmmmm….. I wonder where it went.

Oh, I stopped at a gas station for a fill up and found this family of ducks between Pumps number 5 and 6.  They apparently had decided it was nap time.  They had no intention of moving for anybody or anything!



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2 responses to “Commuter Train

  1. naturgesetz

    It didn’t feel like 44 seconds for the train to pull in and stop.

    And that’s a good question about the hospital. One might also ask why.

    • Ed

      Heehee…. The first thing that entered my weird mind when I saw the sign was a vision of that gigantic hospital complex being hauled down the highway by a Chevy truck! Strange that it never occurred to me to wonder why.

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