Schadenfreude and Picture Post

Schadenfreude – a lovely word stolen from German, meaning – Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

I have been experiencing  a major case of Schadenfreude ever since yesterday and I intend to hold on to that feeling as long as I can.  Last night the University of South Carolina  defeated the University of Alabama in football 35 to 21.  Alabama is the defending national champion and had been rated number one in the polls since the start of the season.

Now, I feel no animus towards the State of Alabama, the University of Alabama, their fans or even the players on their football team.  My great rejoicing is confined solely to their coach, Nick Saban – evil, wicked, mean and nasty, low-down snake-in-the-grass, scoundrel and absolute scumbag Nick Saban.  I could write for hours explaining  my reasons for each of  those adjectives but it would not be good for my blood pressure.  Suffice it to say I derived a great deal of pleasure seeing him lose.  😀

OK, rant over – here’s a few photos taken recently:

I got a kick out of this sign at the Hollywood Railroad Station.  There appears to be an assumption here that English speakers are intelligent enough to know that trains are involved – not ships, planes, buses or space ships. No such assumption is made for Spanish or French speakers.  😉

I saw this car in the parking lot of a shopping mall – obviously owned by an introvert!

This sight is evidence of a bank foreclosure.  I was surprised, though, that the city had not been after the bank sooner to do something about the lawn. A few days after I took this photo the lawn had finally been mowed.  If you enlarge this photo the height of the grass and weeds will be more evident.

Seal of the City of Hollywood at the Railroad Station.  It wasn’t all that long ago that South Florida’s population consisted primarily of  mosquitoes and alligators.  Hollywood was developed during the real estate boom of the 1920’s.


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