Put Sugar On It

Tonight I sliced a tomato for my dinner veggie, and as I sprinkled a wee bit of salt and pepper on the slices, I had a flashback to my little person days.

I remember when I was little my mother would sprinkle sugar on my sliced tomatoes.  I don’t know why she did that – maybe she thought I wouldn’t eat them with salt and pepper.  But I definitely wasn’t a picky eater.  But I never asked her, so now I’ll never know.  I do remember that sugared tomatoes were yummy.

Funny thing, there have been a few  times over the many decades since when I actually had a spoon of sugar above my plate preparing to try it again, but couldn’t make myself do it.

This also brought to mind that back then we put butter and sugar on our Sunday morning pancakes.  Sunday breakfasts were very special  because it was the only day of the week that my father was home for breakfast – very special – papa and pancakes!  We either couldn’t afford maple syrup or it wasn’t available during wartime.  I have thought about trying sugar on my pancakes again but haven’t yet done it.  Maybe someday.


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