My Vote Counted!

Well, that’s what the little sticker they gave me said.  I just got home after casting my votes on the first day of early voting.  Now I won’t feel any guilt when I hang up on recorded campaign calls ‘cuz the die is cast – I can’t change any of my votes.  In truth, I always hang up on them anyway.  Is it rude to hang up on a recording?   😕

Except for a few off-year elections which had only a few local races I wasn’t interested in, I have been  faithfully doing my civic duty ever since 1960 – and I can honestly say that my one vote has never had the slightest significance.  If I had never voted at all there is not one election which would have had a different outcome.  The only positive things I have  derived from voting all these years, other than pride in living in a country which has fair elections with results always accepted, are (1) the satisfaction when a person I have voted for turns out  to have been worthy of my vote, and (2) that wonderful feeling when I can  honestly state that  I am not responsible for people I didn’t vote for who perform poorly or dishonor their office.

I hereby announce to the entire world that I am in no way responsible for George  W. Bush.  So don’t blame me ❗




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