“Ice Cream!”, I Scream

“Hello, my name is Ed, and I’m an addict.”  That’s how I visualize introducing myself at Icecream-aholics Annonymous.

I truly am addicted to ice cream.  There is nothing terribly bad for one to eat ice cream in moderation, but for some reason I cannot.  For years I have consumed an average of two cartons a week, which in recent years amounts to 3 1/2 quarts (3.3 L).  Ice cream makers used to package their product in half-gallon cartons, which meant that I used to go through a full gallon a week (3.8 L) – so at least my consumption has dropped a wee bit.

Thursday evening, October 7th,  I finished off a carton and had no more in the freezer, and made a note to myself to replenish my supply on Friday.  But for some reason I don’t recall, I didn’t get to the supermarket on Friday – so I survived the entire day without my ice cream fix.

On Saturday, though, I went to the supermarket.  But when I got to the ice cream area of the frozen food section, I decided not to get any, figuring that since I had actually survived over 24 hours without ice cream – perhaps I could go further.  Almost twenty-two years ago I successfully cured myself of a very unhealthy addiction – smoking – by cutting myself off cold-turkey.  I have not touched a cigarette since.  So I figured that if I had the will power to break a serious physical and psychological addiction, surely beating the ice cream addiction would be easy – and it would definitely be a good thing for both my arteries and my waistline.  This being mid-day October 21st, I now have been ice cream free almost 14 complete days! Woot!  Woot!   😀

However, I have to admit that I have had one serious setback which has placed me in danger of falling off the wagon.  This past Tuesday, the 19th, I was in a Winn-Dixie supermarket and had to pass by the frozen food section.  Lord knows, I tried to pass by with eyes directed straight ahead, but my brain suddenly lost total control over my physical body, and I opened the glass door and removed two cartons of Winn-Dixie Prestige Ice Cream (see photo) and put them in the grocery cart.  I know – I’m weak.  I hate myself!   😕

As of this moment I have resisted almost overwhelming urges for two days. Less than an hour ago I was even able to take the cartons out of the freezer to take the above photo and return them unopened.

In all seriousness, though, I’m a realist. I’m fairly certain that I am going to ultimately give in – probably soon.  After all, I love ice cream.  But at least I have proven to myself that I can survive a short period without it.  Maybe I can now find a way to enjoy the stuff in moderation.  😉



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2 responses to ““Ice Cream!”, I Scream

  1. Sethboyardee

    See my diet advice in your other post.

    But if you can masochistic and self-controlled enough, buy the ice cream, and limit yourself to ONE SPOONFUL each day. I take mine at night.

    I managed to make an entire pint of Haagen-Dasz laste for like 11 days.

    Of course, the next one was consumed over 2 days. But…


    • Ed

      Sadly, for me one spoonful leads to another. 😥

      Today is the 43rd day! I am confident now that I will make it through to my birthday in mid-December. I think there is a Federal Statute requiring ice cream and cake on one’s birthday! 😉

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