Still Behaving Myself

It is no fun trying to eat better – no fun at all!  I’m not really dieting, but I am trying to cut back – munching on cauliflower florets between meals instead of goodies, and limiting the high fat high calorie food at mealtimes.

How very true that old saying: Everything that’s good in life is either immoral, illegal or fattening!  😦

This was tonight’s disgustingly healthy dinner.

Tilapia,  Sliced Plum Tomatoes, Cottage Cheese, Apple Juice and Black Coffee

To reward myself for exercizing such self control I had a small slice of Lemon Meringue Pie!

Well, at least I have gone two more days without ice cream!



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2 responses to “Still Behaving Myself

  1. My suggestion: Don’t buy the food you want to stop eating! It’s as simple as that. 😛

    Good luck with your new diet, and don’t chasten yourself tooo much. 😉

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