Odd Electric Bill

My monthly electric bill from Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) arrived yesterday.  It covers the period from Sept. 23rd to Oct. 22nd, and it was quite a pleasant surprise; although a bit of a mystery.

This year’s bill was $57.22 lower because I used 295 less kilowatts during that 29 day period this year – an almost 21% decrease from 2009.  The mystery is that I can’t think of anything that changed this year in either the weather or how I’ve used electricity that would account for such a difference.

The only significant fluctuation in my energy usage from month to month is in air conditioning.   My electric bill drops off in the fall, gets quite low in winter and starts to rise precipitously in late spring, directly paralleling my A/C use. The beastly summer  heat has departed by late September and daily temps range from lows in the low 70’s to highs in the high 80’s; about 10 degrees cooler at night and 15 degrees in the daytime compared to mid-summer.  But I usually keep the A/C going 24/7 during the period anyway.  This year I turned it off at night only twice.  So, I don’t believe A/C usage explains the difference.

I checked my meter and determined the FPL meter reader had read it correctly because the current reading indicated approximately the same daily usage since the “as of” billing date.  Maybe ……… just maybe ……… my meter has become defective.  Wouldn’t that be neat!?!  😉  I really don’t think that’s likely, but I can dream, can’t I?

I’m not complaining. I surely don’t mind paying less but I also don’t like mysteries.   I was an accountant.  When I encounter unexpected numbers I want to know why.  Unexplained numerical differences upset the natural order of things in my Universe!  😥


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