Meters, Bands and Time Travelers

This is a “this and that” post.

Yesterday afternoon a man from FPL appeared at my door advising me that he was going to install a new digital meter to replace my old analog model.  At first I thought that they had discovered that my old meter had started to malfunction, until I saw that he had several boxes piled up next to his truck filled with fancy new meters.  He was replacing all the meters in the neighborhood.   So, it was just a coincidence that this occurred immediately after I had received an unusually low month;y bill.

I wasn’t too pleased with his work.  I now have to locate the old can of house paint in the garage and cover up the mess he left.  Also, during the installation he had to turn off my power, so I had to reset all the clocks and timers.  😦

I just realized that I haven’t made a boring marching band video post in quite a while.  So ….. here is a fantastic high school band from from one of America’s finest high schools, Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California.  The video is of the marching portion of a band competition earlier this month.  These kids are not only outstanding musicians but they march as if they are controlled by a hive mind – their posture and steps are so uniform that from a short distance they look like a single multi-legged creature.

At exactly 2:35 into the video two gentlemen suddenly appear who  obviously can  only be time travelers from about 1955.  When I first viewed the video I couldn’t believe my eyes!  😯   I haven’t seen men wearing such hats since I was a kid.  I didn’t realize such things were still being manufactured and sold!


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