Escape Planned

Yay! It’s Halloween – time for my annual trip to the movies.  Some years it is my only trip to the movies.

I have carefully planned my escape from the miniature ghosties and goblins.  I will take off while it is still light out, before any of the monsters start their rounds.  First I’ll have  dinner at the Original Pancake House. I love having a breakfast at dinnertime.  Then, it will be off to the theater.

The first few years I did this I felt a little guilty – but no more.  I’m sure the kids will get plenty of candy without my contribution.  Plus, I  feel I’ve “served my time”, having faithfully handed out goodies for over 40 years.  Finally, home after I’m certain that there won’t be any little beggars still making their rounds.

Friday, I read all the movie reviews in both the Miami Herald and the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel’s weekly  entertainment sections.  There was not one of the 25 first run movies currently showing that interested me.  It took a while, but I was finally able to select the one that seemed least objectionable.   It starts at 6:25 PM, so I’ll have to stop somewhere to have a leisurely cup of coffee, before going home.


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